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I really don't like to be a habitual complainer, but when I last did I was told that quality control would examine my problem and do something about it. Well, it's several months and still nothing has been done about your escalloped chicken & noodles.

They are so dry they are hard to swallow and the chicken in my last one was actually burned and very dry and hard to chew. This is my favorite dinner, but I do use lots of your other ones and have been, for several years. I don't ever go to other brands of dinners because I always thought Stouffer's was the best. I'm starting to change my mind on that though.

Please, please look into this and do something about it. Add some gravy to this meal and don't burn the chicken.

I don't really want to start looking for some new brands. I have been a customer of yours for many, many years and a very loyal one, I might add.

Product or Service Mentioned: Stouffers Frozen Meal.

I liked: Chicken dinners.

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A company doesn't change their products based on just one or a few complaints. It takes many people not purchasing a product, thus reducing revenue from that product for them to figure out something might, indeed be wrong.

Your best bet is to just not buy something you don't like and find a replacement. The working assumption is that most large corporations really don't care about complaints as long as the product is selling well.

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