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Purchased 2 boxes of savory beef & vegetables.The potatoes,carrots and sauce were good.Upon examining the beef i noticed it was full of fat,tendons,veins and cartilage.I used my fingers to pull off any edible pieces to give my dog but she would not touch it.Threw all the meat in the garbage. Unfortunately i bought 2 boxes so several days later prepared the other box and had same experience.Beef must come from cows toes.Very nauseating and disgusting experience.They should look at where the gross meat is coming from.Good vegetables but meat is not edible.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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I've had the same experience with some of their other Beef-based meals. Sub quality beef where so many tendons and cartilage exist, that the meal is basically vegetarian, as I couldn't get through the meat!

Had to pick through and throw the meat out. I have lost faith in Stouffer's, especially their FitKitchen line.

I have purchased 2 meals with rotten potatoes in them! I accidently ate one of the bad pieces before I discovered (or I should say, that's how I discovered) they were rotten throughout the meal!

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