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I bought the "Large" size baked ziti and I got some sauce with a "pinch" of cheese and a few penne. I will never in MY LIFE EVER BUY STOUFERS ANYTHING BECAUSE OF THIS!!!!

They are one of the biggest companies and this is what I get?

Pretty much a F@*# You in a box!!!! By the way the lasagna taste like it has melted plastic mixed in with everything....

Product or Service Mentioned: Stouffers Baked Ziti Pasta.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Wow, William. Work for Stouffers much?

There's nothing rude in telling the truth, and cooking pasta from scratch has nothing to do with expecting a decent frozen meal that used to be quite good, and finding very bad, to be nice about it, very bad ingredients and taste.

You're the one who's making it personal and being off topic as well. Sort yourself out, please.


Your review is right on the money. Mine was literally tomato soup with a few pieces of pasta a few pieces of beef and and cheese on top.Absolutely terrible. Stouffers should ashamed of themselves selling junk like this.


You are vulgar and rude.

That takes your complaint from acceptable to unacceptable.

Quit being so lazy and make your own pasta.

But then, you'd have to go to the store, bring it home, cook it, clean up after ; all too much work for someone who demands instant gratification...or else.

Stouffer's food is practically kryptonite with the sodium and other undesirable ingredients ; all bad for your health but good for eating holes in car fenders.

They won't miss you one bit and continue to produce inedible garbage.

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