Tonight my husband and I attempted to eat your cheese enchiladas. "Attempted" is the key word here.

Never have I ever served my husband something so terrible. I was mortified. These so called enchiladas have absolutely no flavor, are bone dry, filled with gooey tasteless rice and chewy corn. REALLY BAD

Stouffers, you should be ashamed to have your name on such garbage!

Now, on the other side of the coin, your cream chipped beef, roasted chicken, baked apples, meat loaf and a few other entres are good. Your meat lasagna is so-so, dry, not a lot of flavor and the cheese is a bit too thick with a gritty texture yet eatable.

But, nothing you make can compare to the horrible taste of your enchiladas. Even my kitchen has a bad odor from them!

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Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! OMG, can you just imagine what type of fkkng gem this B is?

Not only does she not cook, but she takes the time to type up this rediculous complaint over frozen food!

Wow, what a swweetheart! Hey, crusty mcfrozenteets, do you also complain that the canned fruit coctail doesn't taste quite tinny enough?


Why would you be mortified over the way commercially prepared food tastes? You should be mortified that it seems like all you serve your poor husband is commercially prepared food that you either heat in the oven or in the microwave.

to anonymous Columbus, Ohio, United States #795320

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that she feeds the poor man frozen roasted chicken! Is that a for real thing??!!

To me that doesn't sound like something that freezes and reheats well. On top of that, roasting a chicken isn't even that hard in the first place. It's not like you have to stand around stirring it or anything. I like how she says, "Never have I ever served my husband something so terrible.

I was mortified.". Lol!!

It makes me think she was trying to act like she had made it herself! *** b*tch!

Orange, California, United States #795035

instead of feeding your husband frozen dinners why not cook for him. You do know what a stove is don't you?

to kevin richards Columbus, Ohio, United States #795041

Thank you! Exactly what I was gonna say.

First Born Triplet
to kevin richards Markham, Ontario, Canada #795400

Like on Married with Children they use it to store things, the plastic wrap that was sold with it along with the instruction manual are still in it.

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